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How Come to the US through a Job Offer

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How Come to the US through a Job Offer

Business Immigration: 

Our attorneys provide legal services for both temporary and permanent work visas.  

Common visas used by employers to bring foreign workers to the United States on a temporary basis are the L-1, TN, and H-1B visas.  Whether transferring employees between international offices or employing professionals with specialized knowledge, immigration is an integral part of American industries. The appropriate visa type will largely depend upon the foreign worker’s qualifications and the type of position that needs to be filled by the employer.

An employer may sponsor a foreign national for a green card based on an employment visa category.  Our office provides legal representation throughout the green card process, including applications before the U.S. Department of Labor, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Department of State.

We work with employers to ensure compliance with the relevant state and federal regulations for visa processes. Therefore, we suggest an employer consult with an immigration attorney well in advance of needing new staff to ensure that the most appropriate immigration strategy is created to maximize an employer’s development and HR needs.

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